Autonomous Buses Coming to a Road Near You

Some analysts and manufacturers predict that the first true autonomous vehicle will be in production and on the road by 2019…(Read More at ABA)

RV leak check

Welcome back from a nice holiday weekend and for those who had the chance to go camping the weather turned out better then originally forecast; but If rain did put a damper on your camping trip and found that you had leaks in your camper or RV have us repair that leak...

Custom Trailer Paint Matching

Are looking to custom match your trailer with your motorcoach. We can match the design on your current coach or RV or if you are looking at a custom design to match your personality our team will work with you on design and custom colors.

RV Electrical system check

The electrical system in your RV can seem complex and confusing and if not checked or maintained properly could lead to major problems in the future. Before heading out to enjoy your trip have Jim’s Truck and Trailer Coachwerks check your electrical system...

RV slider repair

Before hitting the road in your RV make sure to check the sliders on your RV for any leaks that may have happened during the winter months. If you are not sure what to look for or where; contact us to schedule an appointment to have our team check for leaks and...

Tanker Panel Repair

If your tanker is in need of panel repair or replacement our ASE Tech’s at Jim’s Truck and Trailer Coachwerks can repair or replace the panels no problem, call us to schedule your repair 1-800-264-1294